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It is such a pleasure working with each of these wonderful clients! The ability to help them feel better and live a healthier life is the best feeling in the world.

Healing Feather’s Moto:   “You’ll love me, You’ll hate me, or You’ll love to hate me”

Earned Title:   “Soulless, Red-Headed, She-Devil, Witch”

Here is what our clients have to say and I thank each of them for taking the time to write their wonderful testimonials for me and Healing Feather!


  • “I’ve been dealing with an almost sore throat and head pressure like my sinuses were going to drain for about 3-4 days and I woke up after receiving the long distance Reiki not feeling any of that. Thank You!”    ~Christie


  •  “What a great experience! I came in with severe lower back pain and was able to walk standing up more straight after the massage. Very personable and nice. I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for wonderful customer service and a great affordable massage!”    ~Tracy Lynne


  • “What a wonderful relaxing atmosphere! LeeAnna is beyond awesome at everything that she does and really makes you feel comfortable. I highly recommend that you take your tired and sore muscles to Healing Feather and let LeeAnna work her magic!”    ~Megan Hurst


  • “I have went to other massage therapist many times, but never have worked as well. I’ve been in pain for last year not being able to lay on my sides without being in pain. Now after being seen 4 times I can, it’s not 100% yet but unless I work more than 7 hours I can walk without pain and sleep better. She’s amazing.”    ~Dana Swanson


  • “LeeAnna has been working on me weekly to help alleviate chronic neck and shoulder pain I have due to my job. She is amazing! I highly recommend her for massage and energy healing! Such a relaxing atmosphere and lovely person. Thank you so much!!”    ~Emily LaDuke Kramer


  •  “Rated Healing Feather on social media, the highest, with Five Stars!”    ~Emily Glowacki, ~Alyssa Helvie, ~George McDonell,


  • “Love the atmosphere, love the location and love LeeAnna!! Her personality, charm and knowledge is refreshing and comforting!! Thank you!!”    ~Tonya Phinney


  • “I had both massage AND Reiki done by LeeAnna. Not only her professionalism and knowledge of medical training had me in awe but her over all aura and vibes she put off made me feel so comfortable and relaxed I melted like butter in her hands! After being extremely tight and my neck in severe pain before going, I was down right astonished to feel no pain whatsoever when I left her office. Even after the Reiki session, the feeling I had is beyond words. It’s totally something you need to experience yourself to understand. My worries, anxieties and constant thinking seemed to dissipate and I felt so aware and present I was able to collect my thoughts. I would highly recommend LeeAnna to anyone.”    ~Christian C


  • “I highly recommend LeeAnna for massage therapy! I went to her after a fall when I had terrible pain and she immediately made me feel better. She is very dedicated to lifelong learning so that she can help people. LeeAnna is very professional and she is excellent!”    ~Karen Nemier, LUTCF


  • “What a great experience! I came in with servere lower back pain and was able to walk standing up more straight after the massage. Very personable and nice. I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for wonderful customer service and a great affordable massage!”     ~Tracy Barber


  • “LeeAnna is an excellent massage therapist. I would highly recommend if you are in her area to give her a try.”     ~Jerry Kowaleski


  • “Great massage therapist and did a great job of working out the knots.”     ~Sandi Fleming


  • “LeeAnna’s medical background helped to diagnose a issue with my hips that had kept me in chronic pain for 15 years. I relax and fall asleep almost instantly on her table and I always walk away pain free. Thank you so very much!”     ~Trent J.


  • “I didn’t realize what I was missing over the past year. I slept so well the last 2 nights and have felt so much better since my massage! I can’t wait for my next one.”     ~Sandi


  • “If you want a beyond compare massage this is the place to go. She helped me so much with back issues i was having.”     ~Debbie Bashwaty


  • “Expert at getting knots to release!”     ~Jackie King


  • “LeeAnna was recommended to me by my chiropractor in town, Dr. Ryan Cooper. Since my first visit, she has quickly identified my problem areas and knows why I’m having discomfort. She has worked on them with unconventional techniques. I am so grateful to walk out of her office pain free and unaffected. I highly recommend LeeAnna for your next massage!”     ~Denise Bondoni


  • “You won’t get better service anywhere! I’ve been a client for over 10 years. Lee is the best.”     ~Karla B.


  • “I have been having massages from LeeAnna for several years now. I continue to see her because she relieves the tight knots in my neck, back muscles and also provides a very relaxing environment to relieve stress, anxiety and my chronic migraines. From the moment I walk into her room, and lie down on the massage table, I feel better. The environment she provided is so peaceful, it’s like taking a vacation from the stress of everyday life. She and I talk during the entire massage as I thoroughly love to open up to and learn more about her. Depending if she is preforming a massage or Reiki on me, we will either chat or be silent. She is able to use deep pressure on the areas that I need it. When she is working the knots out, she makes it “hurt so good.” She was a referral to me and now has been a referral for my father as we have all been impressed with how healing her hands are. I would recommend her to anybody.”    ~Lauren Marie


  • “Healing Feather Massage & Reiki is by FAR my favorite place to get a massage. The owner, Leeanna, is beyond fabulous. Our company has hired her a few times to provide chair massages to the team – a treat everyone appreciates. From my experience with her chair massage, I started going to her for full body massages. Now, I wont go anywhere else! She goes out of her way to provide a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. I could go on and on, but I’m not sure how many of you will actually read a novel on how great Leeanna is 🙂 Overall, head to Healing Feather – you won’t regret it!”    ~Abbey Renee


  • “Best Massage and Reiki EVER! I’ve been seeing Leeanna for 3 years now and she honestly is the only person that can take away all my aches and pains. She genuinely cares about her clients health and wellness. I go out of my way 45 minutes just to see her because shes that good! If you’re looking for someone who cares about how you feel during and after your appointment then you need to see her!”    ~Lauren Stelmach


  • “Leeanna is absolutely the best massage therapist I have ever been to. I have been to many before her, none other since. Not only is she knowledgeable and skilled in her craft, She genuinely cares about my health, stress level and well being. I truly feel as if I am more then just a client. When the session is over I feel amazing. Without a doubt simple the greatest massage session every time. Will never go to anyone else.”    ~Michael


  • “I have a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders from caring heavy things. After getting worked on and having massage done by Leeanna, I can feel all the stress and pain lift away from my neck and shoulders. I have more range of motion and feel more relaxed after ward. Massage always relieves my stress and tension. I highly recommend this massage therapist.        Thanks Bunches,”     ~Christian


  • “I have known LeeAnna for almost 10 years through her photography work with the company I used to manage. I’ve been a massage client of hers for just as long and her professionalism, direction and wonderful personality makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you’re looking for a massage therapist, that knows her stuff, I strongly recommend LeeAnna.”    ~Dan


  • “The massage made me feel fully relaxed and was very soothing at the same time. Makes you feel refreshed in the morning.”    ~Justin P


  • “Leeanna is an amazing massage therapist: very professional, very skilled and very well priced. She has a great knowledge of how to do massage “just right”, NO torture chair with her! I would recommend Leeanna Highly!”    ~Michael Johnson


  • “The massage I received from Leeanna, relieved not only stress but released the tension in my muscles. I was always nervous about receiving a massage. Now I enjoy it and I always feel a lot better after the massage.”    ~Janette M.


  • “If you want a massage. Like a real massage, look no further, I promise you won’t be disappointed.”    ~Joshua Houle


  • “Just the right touch to de-stress my week!”    ~Karla Browning


  • “I have had trouble with muscle – tension in my neck & shoulders for 19 yrs and after a 12 minute session I woke up the next day after sleeping well and could move my head right & left without tightness or strain. I loved it…. so much I had a second massage the next day.”    ~Judy McMaster



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