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Investing in healing therapy is an investment in your health!





$5/session (added to any session)
Essential oils used to improve health of the body, mind and spirit by inhalation or massage. Can be added to any service.


Assisted Stretching:
$50/session (30-45 mins)
Naturally lengthen the body’s muscles to improve function and mobility for a healthy and active body. Great for a quick pick me up during the day.


Body & Chakra Attunement:
$55/session (approx. 30-45 mins)
Regaining stability throughout the seven Chakras of the body. Providing balance in the flow of energy and opening the aura through custom tuning for each individual Chakra. Using Reiki along with healing stones and/or essential oils to restore harmony and peacefulness back into ones life. Leaving feelings of well-being and wholeness throughout the entire body giving one the feeling of being grounded and calm deep within the body.

thR1CPA715-chair siluete

Chair Massage:
$1/minute (10, 15, or 20 min./session)
$75/hour (2-4 hour)
*additional travel fees for locations over 20 mile radius*
An effective way to relieve tension and rejuvenate the body in a short amount of time. Works well for those unable or having problems laying down. Great to have at events or in the office for those stressful days. Ideal for parties, conventions, corporate wellness and special events.

life-coachingCoaching Therapy:
$45/session (30 mins)
$75/session (60 mins)
$120/session (90 mins)
$150/session (120 mins)
This talk therapy is an empowering way to turn oneself around by making, meeting and exceeding goals in both personal and professional lives. Coaching therapy is provided to help with the confusion in the journey of life through goal-setting, behavioral modifications, spiritual and personal growth.  Motivation will be inspired by the support and encouragement provided through coaching therapy.

thVAOZIGXI-ear candles

Ear Candling:
$45/session (approx. 30 mins)
Treatment with a specially designed candle for the ear which has been known to help improve hearing, reduce stress, calm anxieties, stabilize emotions, provide relief for sinus pressure, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and vertigo; loosens and removes impurities from the ear.

th25CERTA2-foot detox

Foot Detoxification:
$45/session (30-45 mins)
Soothing warm Native clay that removes toxins and other impurities from the body through the feet. Then finishes with a warm foot bath and relaxing foot massage. (This is a facial for the feet)

thBQ4FG7HO-hot stone

Hot Stone Massage:
$85/session (60 mins)
$125/session (90 mins)
$175/session (120 mins)
This massage detoxifies and relaxes the body by combining massage with hot stones. The circulatory system is both stimulated and relaxed creating the release of toxins from the muscles, assisting the body in self-healing. Tense muscles are softened and eased by the penetrating heat of the stones.

IMG_1704 -Massage muscle body

Integrated Massage Therapy: *(Most Popular)*
$75/session (60 mins)
$110/session (90 mins)
$150/session (120 mins)
A variety of techniques are combined in this therapeutic massage to release and relax sore muscles. This specialized massage is designed for each person’s specific, individual needs and has become the most popular massage requested. This is the massage that will make “you love me, hate me or love to hate me!” but is the perfect massage for everyone.


Isolated Massage:
$45/session (30 mins)
$75/session (60 mins)
Provides relief for the body by increasing blood flow and reviving the specific area of the body worked.


Long Distance Reiki:
$85/session (60 mins)
$125/session (90 mins)
Restoring an even energy flow through the body by aligning the Chakras, giving balance and harmony back in ones life. This session is perfect for those without time or that are too far away to travel to Healing Feather. Skype sessions are available with this therapy.


Lymphatic Therapy:
$85/session (60 mins)
$125/session (90 mins)
$45/wrapping (30 mins)
A gentle therapy session encourages the natural drainage of the lymphatic system in specific areas of the body. This therapy is primarily for those with lymph-edema.


Massage & Reiki Combo:
$85/session (60 mins)
$125/session (90 mins)
$170/session (120 mins)
A fulfilling experience with the combination of Reiki energy, for balancing and restoring an even energy flow through the body along with an Isolated massage therapy to remove stress and alleviate pain from that specific area in the body.


$85/session (60 mins)
$120/session (90 mins)
Specialized therapeutic massage designed specifically for the needs of an expectant mother to reduce stress, anxiety and relieve pain. This therapeutic massage will also reduce stress and depression associated with the changes in a woman’s body after childbirth (Post-Natal).
*Not available in the first trimester without a doctor’s consent* 


$45/session (30 mins)
$80/session (60 mins)
Working the feet, hands or ears with massage-stimulated reflex points that correspond to specific areas of the body, improving blood circulation and toxin levels.
*Not available for pregnant women without doctor’s consent*

IMG_1182 - dire hand workshop page

$75/session (45-60 mins)
$110/session (approx. 90 mins)
A natural therapy that balances life energy within the body promoting healing of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, causing a positive outlook on life. An excellent method for calming, dealing with clearing past hurts, pains or other emotional stress buried deep within the subconscious that prevents success in ones life. Providing a sense of well-being and wholeness throughout the entire body giving one the feeling of being grounded and calm deep within the body.


Reiki & Smudging Combination:
$115/session (60-90 mins)
These natural modalities are specifically designed for balancing the life energy within the body while purifying and cleansing negative energy from within. Leaving a more positive mood with a calming effect and a clean energy field throughout the body. Burning of sacred herbs is part of this Native American healing technique.

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$30/session (up to 30 mins)
Native American ritual for purifying and clearing negative energy from a person or space with smoke of sacred herbs. The ritual of smudging leaves a more positive mood for the person as it releases and clears any negativity (mental, emotional, or spiritual) from the energy field that is receiving it. Contact Healing Feather for an estimate on home, business, or other smudging. Travel fees are applied for locations over a 15 mile radius from Healing Feather’s office. Pricing above is per person, at our location.


Swedish Massage:
$75/session (60 mins)
$110/session (90 mins)
$150/session (120 mins)
Relaxing techniques to promote blood circulation and soothe muscles in the body. A much lower impact massage than integrated and trigger point massages.


Trigger Point Therapy:
$55/session (30 mins)
$85/session (60 mins)
A trigger point is a type of area within muscle tissue that causes pain in other parts of the body. Trigger point therapy is used to manage and treat pain. It’s used to identify and work very specific points of the body.


* Different rates apply for specialized services. Prices and Services subject to change at any time.



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