FAQ About Reiki


  • What is Reiki? ……….. Reiki is a life force energy used as an alternative, holistic, healing therapy.
  • What is experienced during a Reiki session? ……….. Everyone experiences something different and each session is unique as well. There may be colors similar to the northern lights that are seen, or a floating sensation. Sometimes there’s a coolness or warmth felt, or the feeling of a weighted blanket. Each person has their own special experience and feels a sense or peacefulness and calming effect afterwards.
  • How does Reiki work? ……….. A Reiki practitioner uses a verity of mantras, symbols, and movements to clear negative energy from the body, mind, and spirit along with mental and emotional toxins and issues stored within the body.
  • Who is Reiki therapy for? ……….. Reiki is for everyone, adults, babies, toddlers, children, elderly, pets and animals alike.
  • Is Reiki a type of religion? ……….. Although Reiki heals physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, there is no religion or religious practices involved with it. Reiki therapy guides a person through life and provides clarity by connecting with the inner self.
  • How long is a Reiki session? ……….. A session of Reiki typically takes forty-five minutes to an hour. A balancing session can be done in thirty minutes or less. Each session is determined by the extent of the clients needs.
  • Can Reiki therapy be given if the person is not present? ……….. Yes, as long as the service is requested. This is called long distance Reiki therapy. A higher level Reiki practitioner is able to preform and send the healing energy from any distance with little information.
  • Can Reiki make someone ill? ………. As Reiki raises vibrational levels in the body this sometimes, on rare occasions, causes a release of toxins that may have been stored. Because the body is releasing these toxins it is important to drink plenty of water to flush the system. If there is not enough water consumption then the build up of the toxins could cause a headache, stomach ache or feeling of weakness.
  • How much does a Reiki session normally cost? ……….. Reiki therapy varies in cost depending on the level of the practitioner and their location. It can range from $25.00 to over $100.00.
  • What are Chakras? ……….. Chakras are energy centers located in seven different points in the body, following the path of the spine. Each chakra has its own name, position, color, mantra, vibrational frequency, sound, functions and even certain foods that stimulate them. As an example, below are each chakra by name with it’s function and sound (musical note).
    •           Crown – wisdom, transcendence, universality. (Note: B)
    •           Third Eye – extrasensory perception, intuition, inspiration. (Note: A and A#)
    •           Throat – personal truth, etheric, expression. (Note: G and G#)
    •           Heart – compassion, love, integration. (Note: F and F#)
    •           Solar Plexus – will, social self, power. (Note: E)
    •           Sacral – emotions, creativity, sexuality. (Note: D and D#)
    •           Root – safety, grounding, right to live. (Note: C and C#)
  • What are the 5 Reiki principles? ………..  The principles of Reiki are something to do our best at living by. They will enhance our life in many ways and hone our own selves to become who we are meant to be.
    •           Just for today, I will not worry.
    •           Just for today, I will not be angry.
    •           Just for today, I will be grateful.
    •           Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
    •           Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

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“Balancing Body, Mind, & Spirit”