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Healing Feather’s Mentoring & Coaching Therapy is an unique service offered to help our clients through challenges, difficult times, and many other things, that life hands out. Helping with different aspects that might be or become a struggle in ones life. Emotional, physical, or spiritual, Healing Feather helps people on a daily basis with problems, issues and struggles of all sorts. Never doubt that people cross your path for a reason. They come into your life and leave your life as needed to show you, teach you, and help you, in some way. Just as you do for others in yours. Life is a journey we all walk. Some cross our path to keep the direction correct while others need theirs set straight again. Our paths crossed because I’m here to help guide you into healing, growing, and loving yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually. Healing Feather genuinely cares about your life and your health. You are truly appreciated here and are not alone on your journey. We’re here to help make a positive difference in your life. Let us know when you’re ready to begin healing.


Note: It is recommended to seek out a professional psychologist or psychiatrist for any mental illness counseling or prescribed medications. Thank You!


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“Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit”