About The Practitioner


Leeanna Woods LMT is your Licensed Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Native American Healer at Healing Feather Massage & Reiki. I have received hands on training for various fields from the University of Michigan in Motts Children’s Hospital from 1999 through 2006. Working in the Neurotrama Units and in the Home Health Care field since 2005, a Certified Evaluated Nurses Assistant (CENA) since 2007, a Licensed Therapeutic Massage Therapist (LMT) since 2008, a Licensed Zumba Instructor since 2011, and a Certified Reiki Master since 2012. Graduated at the top of all of my classes in the medical fields, earning myself a letter of recommendation from my instructor and placing me on the Deans List. Continued my training in a State Licensed School for Massage, again graduating top of my class. I am trained, certified, and licensed in many different areas and I continue to enhance my education still today. Also, I have worked within different school districts as a paraprofessional. Helping children learn from the age of two years old up to twenty-six years of age with many different types of disabilities.

Choosing to name my massage therapy practice in memory of my parents after their early deaths, I decided Healing Feather would be the perfect name since they both were of Native American heritage. My parents both had a hard life but lived as best as they could. I feel by using this name it keeps their spirits alive and their memories living on. Just as they do in my heart! May God bless them both as they have blessed me.

As long as I can remember, I have been a care giver and helping people. This is what I enjoy doing. I know by giving my clients the specialized care they need, that they will benefit from all of my education and knowledge. I enjoy giving them the opportunity to have the relief from their pain and discomfort, as they deserve. Everyone has stress in all different types and areas in their life. It manifests itself in different ways in each of us. We might have to live with the stress in our lives but we can also receive relief from it by getting massages, Reiki therapy and Native American healing on a monthly basis. I believe I can help people more in this field than any other. The question I have for you is, Are you ready for…

“Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit”